Life can be challenging, and people are complicated. We can’t solve the world’s problems, change the past, our culture, those around us, or who we are. We can only manage the outcomes of our tomorrows based on the choices we make today and the next day. At every moment there is another choice to make; everything else follows. Having an understanding of ourselves and others helps us make wiser choices―especially when it comes to relationships. 

Many relationship coaches focus on teaching how to play the game. In our coaching practice, my wife Lori and I help individuals and couples make healthier life choices. We believe that healthy relationships are based on being authentic and understanding that relationships are based on give and take; this is easier when you understand and value the strengths each person brings to those relationships.  We feel valued when our natural strengths are utilized and appreciated―and vice versa. One of the many tools we use in coaching is personality assessments. We are certified PDP DynaMetrics® and SYMBIS® administrators and consider these essential tools for determining personality traits in our corporate, personal, and couples coaching. 

What strengths do you bring to your personal and business relationships? Are you able to recognize the strengths others bring? Each one of us also brings weaknesses that can be detrimental to a relationship—we’re a package deal. When it comes to relationships, most of us fail to see the package’s fine print and assume the best. Making assumptions about life-impacting decisions isn’t wise―this is when having a coach is.

Individual assessments and coaching will help you:

  • Discover your personality traits and how you interrelate with others
  • Be your most authentic self
  • Identify challenges
  • Break unhealthy patterns
  • Establish and enforce healthy boundaries
  • Renew your motivation and confidence to move forward
  • Encourage you to stay the course to reach your goals


     Couples' assessments and coaching, you'll learn your:

  • Personality (individual and as a couple)
  • Money Methods
  • Talk Style
  • Love Life
  • Deepest Longing
  • Fight Type

“My wife Lori and I are passionate about helping people be their best. For over 20 years, Traits Plus has assisted individuals and organizations in reaching their potential by identifying patterns, finding solutions, and encouraging people in their own commitment and enthusiasm to accomplish their objectives. We believe that personal coaching combined with the Dating Highway concept are excellent resources for singles seeking marriage. We are looking forward to using this combination to help singles seeking marriage discover their uniqueness and provide a path towards a rich and rewarding relationship.” ―Brian Guyton

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