When will the Dating Highway book be available to purchase or download?

Advance copies have been printed and are out for review. We are hoping for the final print to be available soon.

How do I have my story added to the Stories and Testimony page?

You can submit your story to Datinghighway@outlook.com.

Please attach it to an introduction email using a word processing format. Please omit names or other forms of identification from submissions to Road Kill stories.

Do you speak or teach using the Dating Highway concept?

Yes, use the contact form to start a dialogue about your needs and budget.

What is the Fast-Track Questionnaire and why can't I access it?

The Fast-Track Questionnaire is a dating tool that accompanies the book and will be available once the book is released. We currently only make it available to our coaching clients and to those that have been taught the Dating Highway program.

Will there be a dating website that utilizes the Fast-Track questions?

Yes. We are working on a design that would allow you to answer and compare stages of the questionnaire before physically meeting someone.

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Is there Dating Highway materials for small groups?

Not yet. We hope someday to have a video and workbook curriculum.

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Is relationship coaching available using the Dating Highway concept?

Yes! We can't release the book yet, but we continue to teach and coach around the dating concepts and materials.

Do you offer other coaching services other than personal or relationship?

Yes! We offer Executive, Leadership, and Career coaching as well as Organization Development and Strategic Design. Click on the Traits Plus button on our About Us page to learn more.

What is your websites Privacy Policy?

Please click on the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of our page