We’ve Packaged:

6-hours* of strategic relationship coaching that is designed specifically for singles who are seeking marriage. We utilize the concepts of the Dating Highway book and combine them with relational tools and resources to help you achieve your goal.

The coaching package includes:

We believe that relationships are healthier when a couple understand their strengths and are able to be authentic. Relationships are easier when we understand and value the strengths each person brings and how they function under the many stressors of life.  Let's help you better understand your personality type and how you relate with others.

A ProScan is also useful in corporate team building, conflict management, and culture development.

Sometimes we are too close to the forest to see the trees.
A Life’s Toll Analysis will bring awareness to relational issues that may be hindrances in your quest for marriage. This Q & A analysis will not only provide clarity, it also allows the eligibility bar to be raised.
Let’s inspect your baggage, address concerns, and get you on the right path on the Dating Highway.

Lifestyle changes--especially preparing for marriage--can seem overwhelming. It helps to utilize a punch list where goals and tasks are completed within a time frame. This list is mostly derived from the findings revealed from the Life’s Toll Analysis.
We can accomplish great things when goals are identified, valued, and prioritized together with an accountability coach.

Healthy attracts healthy; more so, healthy can identify unhealthy. You shouldn’t go into business with someone who thinks they have what it takes—especially if all their past efforts had failed. So why would you qualify a spouse this way? Better yet, what’s your marital resume look like, and why should someone partner with you?
Let’s get you tooled-up on relationship skills so you can be qualified for the position, and quickly identify those that are not.

When the time is right, it will be time to take action. You shouldn’t be vague and indecisive when applying for a job, “I have no training or relational skills, but I like coffee; let’s see if we work well together.” Who would hire you, and for how long? And doing what kind of job? Let’s not waste any more of your time on dead-end relationships—let’s get serious!
Your online profile needs to represent your preparedness and readiness alongside your strengths, desires, passions, and dreams.

As illustrated in the Dating Highway book, maintaining frequency is the key. So, before we can open your Fast-Track lane, we need to build the filtering process infrastructure.
This is where having a coach helps because deviating from the plan can create undesirable results. We desire for you to be successful; we believe having a sound dating strategy is the best way to reach your goal without experiencing harmful or painful consequences.

In our culture, many major decisions are based on appearances: vehicles, homes, clothing, etc. Over time, many of these choices lack longevity and become short-lived. It’s easy to trade-in a car, but not a spouse. That’s why it’s important to determine what you desire today, and need in the future. A life-long commitment is serious, and so should be your efforts in finding a mate.

Don’t drive off with a lemon! We provide you with the tools to assist you in choosing the one that is best for you.