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Anyone who has met Brian recognizes how passionate he is about relationships. For over a decade he has counseled and coached individuals and couples on relationships and is actively involved in singles ministries and leadership. He admits that he is more street-smart than well-read and that much of his education is from the school of hard knocks. However, he has an innate ability to problem solve, refine solutions, and then present them in a creative way that makes complex relationship issues easier to comprehend.

Resisting the desire to take the easy way can be difficult, especially if you are recovering from a divorce. Like most people, I felt I could recover from mine on my own and didn’t need anyone’s help or advice. During my divorce process, a friend recommended I attend a divorce recovery class offered at a local church. I went reluctantly, unaware that the course would initiate a dramatic change in my life. Little did I know that I would later become the divorce recovery class facilitator, a lay counselor, and the singles ministry leader at that church.
Even while I was helping others improve their relationship skills, I, like most people, still continued to navigate through my relationships by following my inner desires and emotional needs. I knew what I wanted, but my half-hearted efforts kept producing subpar and even disastrous results.
I finally realized that my pride, natural intuition, instincts, and basic knowledge were not enough to obtain and maintain a harmonious relationship with God and others. I also realized I was just as damaged and lost as everyone else. What I needed to do—what only I could do—was find a better way and take control.
Through all this, and many years of refining the concept, I now can share what I have learned and help others.” Brian Guyton

Brian and his wife, Lori, remember the challenges associated with being single. Part of their coaching business focuses explicitly on helping singles develop healthy and fulfilling relationships. Brian’s real passion is to communicate and build upon the Dating Highway concepts by creating a platform and system to assist those seeking a compatible partner. He not only speaks from his life’s experiences but from his own personal success. A combination of experience and passion is evident in his teaching, coaching, and leadership.

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Relationship coaching can better prepare you for a relationship and bring clarity. We are certified facilitators in both PDP DynaMetrics® and SYMBIS® personality assessments and use these tools to discover your value and strengths as well as bring awareness of your relational compatibility and dynamics.

“My wife Lori and I are passionate about helping people be their best. For over 20 years, Traits Plus has assisted individuals and organizations in reaching their potential by identifying patterns, finding solutions, and encouraging people in their own commitment and enthusiasm to accomplish their objectives. We believe that personal coaching combined with the Dating Highway concept are excellent resources for singles genuinely seeking marriage. We are looking forward to using this combination to help singles seeking marriage discover their uniqueness and provide a path towards a rich and rewarding relationship.” ―Brian Guyton

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