Love and romance—such a great feeling.

The face-to-face meeting, looking your best, a secluded table set for two, a little wine to loosen up the nerves and conversation. Dining etiquette, laughter, shared interest, flirtatious language. An affirming touch, then holding hands, the goodnight kiss. Sleepless nights, all-consuming thoughts of what could be. Finally, it’s your turn―chemistry is happening.
Long, late-night phone calls, sharing all your favorite things. The one you’ve been waiting for; the one who understands you, brightens your day with a smile, a laugh, a touch. Ahhh … the touching! It’s the best part—the icing on the wedding cake!  Wedding? Who said anything about marriage? We need to get to know each other first!

Fast forward a year and a half later. Lesson learned. That relationship was going nowhere and should have never started. Now you need to unwind this mess and recover before you can think about starting over. Whether a failed dating experience was short or long-term, most don’t consider themselves better off in hindsight, yet we still desire to be in a relationship.
If you can relate, you’re not alone, in fact, this is the way we date, and date, and date and date. Some last months, and some last years. You have dating experience—lots of it—yet never experience the relationship you desire. In fact, you’re now a little worse for wear and considering giving up on your marital dreams altogether.
Your failed efforts aren’t entirely your fault—you’ve been misled.

What happened?
The dating systems and techniques we use are flawed because they cater to our desires rather than questioning whether a couple is prepared for success. Many singles believe that they are deserving of a healthy relationship and all they need is a little luck. Relationships shouldn’t be based on luck or chance―that’s called gambling. Losing at love or losing money is a hard lesson in life that many people are tricked into learning.  It’s not to say someone can’t be successful at gambling, but even a professional gambler doesn’t base their success on luck or chance.

Is dating the popular way the best way?
The truth be told, only a small percentage of dates lead to a meaningful relationship. Most people believe the method everyone else is using is the best way, even with little evidence of its success. Perhaps you feel stuck in a dating rut, hoping that your good intentions and random efforts will somehow result in a great new relationship. Are you willing to waste more time, money, and heartache on something that you know is not working? Or maybe you’re just one of the millions who have abandoned the idea of love altogether; I hate that feeling.

The good news is, there is a better way. But first, you need to stop gambling with your future and learn why people continue to follow popular dating techniques, the consequences, and how to make better choices.
Then you need a technique where knowledge comes before intimacy. Because dating shouldn’t be about romance, luck, or deception. It should be about finding the right person. A person with whom you’re compatible with. A person who understands how to honor the relationship, protect it, and maintain marital harmony. Someone who is more than an exciting first date and then a lousy partner. Such a person does exist, discover that special one.

Stop the crazy dating cycle
You can continue to take the easy way—and your chances—or you can invest in the Dating Highway and stop gambling with your life, the choice is yours.

Your life is too precious to leave to chance

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